With approximately fifty years of experience between the directors of Van Zyl Kruger Incorporated, this firm offers comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of Property Law and Conveyancing. Our services include the entire spectrum pertaining to land with special emphasis on group housing schemes, spatial development, township establishment and all legal aspects of Planning Law.

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    Our Property Law and Conveyancing experts have all the skills and experience to not only warrant legal compliance at every phase of such processes or developments but also to ensure the implementation of corporate and tax strategies and procedures to ensure the best cash flow scenarios to benefit our clients at all times.

    Our firm remains abreast with changes in legislation and market trends thus enabling us to advise clients on development funding, taking heed of the various corporate, social, and environmental factors which may be of consequence in any particular instance.

    Our endeavour is that each client should at all times feel special not only for our personalised service but especially because of the outcomes achieved on their behalf.

    Van Zyl Kruger Incorporated’s Property services include:

    • All aspects of Conveyancing;
    • Advise on planning models including Group Housing Schemes, Sectional Title Schemes, Share Block Developments, and conversion of the latter to the former;
    • Housing Development Schemes for Retired Persons;
    • Negotiation, preparation and drafting of Offers to Purchase and Sale Agreements;
    • Registration and cancellation of all types of bonds;
    • Planning and Development Law;
    • Building and Construction Law;
    • Servitudes and other real and personal rights;
    • Land Leases and other property utilization contracts;
    • Acquisitions of property-owning companies and close corporations;
    • Sub-division and consolidation of land units.

    Our dedicated team at Van Zyl Kruger Incorporated will ensure that all mandates are executed and finalised accurately and in the shortest time possible at a fee commensurate with our service.


Van Zyl Kruger Incorporated’s Commercial Department has vast experience in the various fields encompassing this field and our aim is to assist our clients not only to cope but to actually excel in the complex and competitive commercial environment, locally as well as abroad. In the current South African context, any important commercial undertaking requires firm knowledge and an analytical understanding of Mercantile and Corporate Law.

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    Our most important goal is therefore to provide our clients with custom designed and up-to-date effective and logically practical advice, strategies and solutions.

    The Commercial Law Department specialises in the following areas:

    • Corporate Law including company and Tax Structures;
    • Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Partnerships;
    • Intellectual Property, excluding the registration of trade marks for which we make use of colleagues that are specialists in this field;
    • Basic Labour Law;
    • Sale of commercial buildings as a going concern including the transfer thereof;
    • Sale of shares and loan accounts in corporations;
    • Drafting of Memoranda of Incorporation and Shareholders agreements for Companies;
    • Due diligence investigations;
    • Franchise agreements;
    • Sponsorship agreements;
    • Buy and sell agreements;
    • Manufacturing agreements.


It is of vital importance for those that remain on after one’s passing, that the deceased has left a validly executed Will drafted by an aptly qualified professional..

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    In this regard our firm’s Wills and Estates Department offers a comprehensive range of services in association with various experts, where required, in relation to the:

    • Preparation, advice and execution of Wills;
    • Drafting of Wills;
    • Estate Duty Planning;
    • Interpretation of Wills;
    • Challenging/opposing validity of Wills;
    • Administration of Deceased Estates;
    • Compilation of claims against Deceased Estates.



At Van Zyl Kruger Incorporated we are committed to ensure that our clients are capably assisted throughout the process of taking their civil claims through court procedures.

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    Due to our size our firm can only handle selected criminal matters and we can only assist clients of long standing. Should such a client find him or herself charged with a crime, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, assault or narcotics related charges, to name but a few, we will assist you to the best of our abilities and where necessary appoint a colleague or counsel to assist us to undertake your defense.


    We will assist you with legal opinions and advice regarding the applicable environmental legislation and regulations to ensure compliance where required. We will also represent you in any litigation proceedings related to this fast evolving area of the law.


    We have the capacity and resources to provide you with quality legal opinions incorporating all the latest legal developments. Should a specific matter fall outside our field of expertise, we will gladly assist you in finding a colleague or advocate who can ably do so at a reasonable rate.


    Should you be faced with a tax query or SARS issue or related questions in your personal capacity or in a business context, including but not limited to litigation and mediation, employee and personal tax, we will assist you. We endeavour to offer appropriate assistance as South Africa’s tax laws are complex and prone to frequent changes, thus ensuring the best results for ultimate success in your business or life.


    In the event that a breadwinner dies in a motor vehicle accident, we will assist the dependants in claiming against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). Time is of the essence in this regard, as RAF claims are often dismissed due to prescription (i.e. the dependants failure to lodge the application to the RAF timeously).


    Trusts are often used as an estate planning, as well as a wealth and income management tool. If undertaken for the right reasons by adequately trained and experienced professionals, clients can greatly benefit in both the long and short term. In many instances where it is undertaken for the wrong reasons and without due regard for the different and often complex legislative measures that are applicable to trusts as well as the various taxes that may be applicable to trusts it may unfortunately be rather more of a hindrance than a benefit. Our firm’s Wills and Estates Department specialises in assisting clients with:

    • The creation of Inter Vivos Trusts and Testamentary Trusts;
    • The preparation and registration of Business and Charitable Trusts;
    • Formal amendments to Trust Deeds and change of Trustees;
    • Drafting of Trustees’ minutes;
    • Drafting of resolutions.


    The legal implications of matrimonial law on contracts and legal actions of spouses depends on the matrimonial system applicable to the particular marriage, which legal implications are often unbeknown to clients at the time of their marriage. Proper advice as to which Marital Regime will be most suited to a client’s circumstances and the correct implementation thereof is of the utmost importance to any person contemplating marriage.

    The Antenuptial Contract or the lack thereof will to a large extend govern what is to happen to the assets of spouses upon death or divorce. For all pre-weds, we offer the following services:

    • Assistance in the choosing of your Marital Regime;
    • Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts and the registration thereof in accordance with legislation;
    • Assistance with contracts regulating matters between common law partners who prefer not to tie the proverbial knot but still requires their property rights to be safeguarded.